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>> a new study says those who drink three or more cups of coffee a day lessen their chance of death. >> and a guy suing his mom and
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dad with a $200,000 lawsuit. he blames his parents for leaving him homeless. he says it's their fault because they raised him in a poorhouse hold and didn't above him enough. >> earlier in the show we asked you about a new study that finds that the silent treatment is the best way to deal with an obnoxious person and we asked you how you deal with it. >> he said ignoring them one option but just telling them they are obnoxious is better. >> danny writes obnoxious people are happy with just being acknowledged. repie to who they say with, yeah, right. mocks and friends starts right now. >> good morning,
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>> the lead investigator for oscar pistorius, the lead investigate are is facing murder charges himself. it may change the case entirely. >> official numbers are in and it's the largest gas price hike in years. what's the president's solution? he says useless oil. is that the best he's got? and it's the question that has eluded men for centuries. why do women talk so much? >> don't look at me! i know men who talk a lot too. >> brian, you are fired. >> this morning the scientific answer. we bring our new beeker. "fox and friends" starts right now! >> all right. on this thursday morning we are in. >> you are looking live.
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you are look live at the classic car auction in florida. >> wait a minute. we are talking about oil. what are you doing down there? >> there are about 80 cars up for auction at the classic car auction. we are outside west palm beach florida, the money goes to wounded warriors, veterans of foreign wars and homes for our troops. we will have fun and take you down memory lane in a bit. >> what are you doing under the car? >> and i'm going to go wash my hands. >> ms. good wrench. >> and people can trial work on their cars. >> you knew where the spark plugs were and how to change the oil. >> how many summers did you spend as a way to make ends meet in college working on cars? >> yeah, i don't blame her. >> are you asking me? >> yeah. >> oh, i don't even know where
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the oil is on this thing. >> you are in the right vicinity. >> or the sparkplug or the gas. we have three hours so hopefully we will figure it out. >> the headlines. last night five people killed in a plane crash in georgia. two others hurt when the small jet overshot the runway and crashed into the woods in augusta. >> we heard noises and the dogs were barking and we couldn't figure out what they were barking at. it was like a boom. the power flickerd off and on. >> the pilot was one of the two purchase receivers. investigators aren't shoe why it crashed. >> just moments ago, a suspended contract with oscar pistorius. the runners murder case taking a twist over the night. leading investigator also himself facing attempted murder charges over a police-involved
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shooting. prosecution said it had no idea. not sure how that could be. this comes as the third day of his bail hearing gets underway in south africa. a ruling could come today only on the bail. we told you the story yesterday. now we know what caused the freak hospital fire that left a little girl burned. a mix of hand sanitizer, olive oil and static electricity left the girl with second and third-degree burns. oil was being used to remove medical testing residue. she's battling cancer and will undergo a second skin graft today. a blast in kansas city like set off by a construction crew working underground hitting the natural gas line. one woman worked there and 15 others injured. i think she's still missing.
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others are in the hospital. those are the headlines. >> that's unbelievable news about the blade runner. to think the state above a prosecutor that has this background that money did a background check on the guy prosecuting the would-be murder. >> and suddenly the world is on it and they are investigating everybody. >> he is being investigated for murder and they put him in charge of the case. >> premedicated murder. >> and we will have it coming up an hour from now. >> the sequester is looming. if you listen to the president of the united states it's pretty much the end of the world. life as we know it will end unless the republicans cave and give him more tax -- rather more tax increases for the wealthiest people. but when you look beneath the numbers you realize that with this gigantic budget we've got, you are only talking about 2.3% of the budget. the other important thing to remember is it was an invention
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that the sequester is of this president of the united states. he was before it before he was against it, which kind of sounds familiar, doesn't it? >> the interesting thing is that, you know, the republicans going to be on the hook for this one again because as we discussed before,s message. >> no, no. >> because if the president gets his way. he's been successful in blaming the republicans in the past and that's how he got the tax hikes before the end of the year so he's obviously going back to the same messaging. >> how can he be on the hook for something he invented? >> the messaging has been effective for him. i'm not saying who is right or wrong, i'm saying the messaging has been effective for him. nobody is going to argue with the fact we need to try to cut our budget because we way overspend effort think what makes this a complicated issue is people in the military will also lose their jobs. >> furloughed. >> and that's what is making the issue complicated. >> they are talking about a way to save money in the pentagon
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and they will furlough the civilian workers one day. also the president put together a way to delay the whole thing for a couple of months but that doesn't make sense. and so far boehner has been effective in saying mr. president you came up with the idea, you solve the problem. and yesterday instead of the president picking up the phone and working with local leaders, he called local stations and did local interviews. if you get the sense we are moving from one crisis to another, you are not crazy, you are right. it's just hard to make sense of how many different things could kill us. here's rush limbaugh yesterday. >> have you of if you listen to obama and his minions in the news media, they are all running neck and neck. maybe ought to explore some sort of sequester control because it's out of control. he wanted the spending cuts a year ago, now he doesn't want to go anywhere near the spending
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cuts but it's his plan. sequester was his idea. now he's complaining that these cuts will hit the wrong people. but he is the guy who decides what gets cut. that's not part of the sequester. obama gets to decide within certain frame works. we know the defense gets hit big, which is fine with him, by the way. and one of the reasons i think he wants the sequester to go through. this is perfect. perfect example of my theorem. obama gets to complain very things he caused. and about cuts that he will choose. >> that's right, rush. >> greta opened up last night with take place and clips saying in 2011 the president denied that he even came up with the he is quester. bob woodward on sunday said i interviewed the president and he came up with the sequester. >> the president in the past in the house have passed two different measures that would change the sequester but they have been ignored by the
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president and the democrats in the senate, as well. here's the thing. whale the white house is trying to walk away from it, there's a senator from montana, he's a democrat, max, and he went off the reservation yesterday when he revealed, oh, yeah, the president, he's responsible. listen to this. >> the president is part of the sequester. the white house recommended it frankly, back in how long, 2011. -- august, 2011. now we are feeling the effects of it. i don't want to say the president is solely to blame,'s not. >> the original thing was to key it up, the idea of draconian cuts for both sides. cuts the democrats would hate, cuts the republicans would hate, so that they would come together and solve our debt ceiling crisis, folks. that's how it started. what frustrates americans, this one included; the fact nobody can come together anymore and solve thing. nobody can come together. it was what, 18 months or two years ago they came up with this
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idea and we are still sitting here now looking at these deadlines as we do every single time and nobody gets anything done. this is why congress has the approval rating -- amazingly why the president's approval rating remains high and i'm not sure why because he's not compromising. >> the president of the united states, it is his invention. what they could say is mr. president, thank you for inventing the crazy sequester thing because it's not our idea but finally we may get some spending cuts going forward. >> but they don't address the real problem. >> of course not. >> they don't address entitlements, folks. but these are issues that we really need to be talking about as a nation. not 2% cut in a $16 trillion deficit. >> that's my point. this could be the only time in the next four years there are any cuts so the republicans probably would be wise just to say, okay, not the way we would do it, but let's go ahead and
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take them. mr. president thanks so much for the scheme. >> and they had a plan in simpson-bowles, a bipartisan plan them went out on monday and talked again about the need. we thought we were fixing my grand children's problem and now we are fixing our problem. that's how bad things are with the economy. and president proposed a $50 billion stimulus practice to rebuild highways and tunnels and fix things with no way to pay for it while doing local interviews so it's relatively frustrating. it's also frustrating that linked-in as joined facebook and others not paying any taxes besides record profits. maybe these guys pay a little bit on their profits? >> people look in and see washington and they are talking about a 2.3% cut and the president is talking about how the sky is falling. remember most americans, by a
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gigantic margin, think we have a spending problem in this country. you say washington is on a spending binge. so going forward, once it hits, and it will his on march 1, how many people are going to actually be sympathetic? >> the amazing thing is the president's approval rating is the highest since 2009. >> that's the cognitive disdense. one of the things, of course, that really affects the economy and how you feel about it, gas prices. have you noticed that they are really high right now? they are the highest they have been in the past three years. so take a look at this. the national gas price average right now, $3.78. i believe that's a 44-cent raise in just the last three weeks or so. this is the new normal. have we all agreed we are willing to pay this? i don't feel good about paying this but this is what i think is our new normal with regard to gas prices.
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>> basically the president had some local interviews yesterday and was asked about the rising gas prices. which is the ultimate tax on people's income. he said useless oil. really? so i should jog to work? i'm not sure that that means. when the prices went up this quick this much under president bush, the president of the united states thought it was a national crisis. listen. >> the well-off in this country, high gas prices are mostly an announce, but to most americans they are a huge problem. bordering on a crisis. >> so if you want to save money useless oil. just stop driving. don't go anywhere. stay in your house and watch television. >> it reminded me of the blue brothers and john belushi got caught with the tire. and why is it going up? some say it's a blend problem. >> because of epa requirements. anyway we have a busy three hours kicking it off with the block straight ahead.
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he was the man who killed osama bin laden but now he's fighting a different battle against the pen gone. why the defense department is investigating a hero ex--seal. >> the former democratic governor of new jersey could get booted from wall street for good. that's coming up next with stuart barney. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made?
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>> welcome back, everyone. 17 minutes after the top of the hour. former governor jon corzine was a go-to guy. >> literally the first guy i called was jon corzine.
3:19 am
not a joke. not a joke. first of all, he's the smartest guy that i know. >> well, the smartest guy that joe knows may soon be slapped with a lifetime ban from futures trade for his role in the collapse of mf global which he basically skated on. stewart barney is here to explain. lifetime ban is big news. >> yes. he has serious enemies, including two top financial regulators. what they are saying about corzine and a lifetime ban. and john row, he doesn't need to be near anyone's money ever again. and 134 life time bans have been imposed since 2008. corzine has done more damage than all of them combined. he's not popular. >> let's remind what happened when he was head of mf global. what happened? >> he made a big bet on europe. he bet that europe would turn around.
3:20 am
it didn't turn around. they lost their shirts. and he was accused of co-mingling his company money with client's money. that's an absolute no-no. he lost $1.6 million. couldn't account for it. >> he still can't find it >> they still can't find owl of it, that is true. and a lot of people, especially the future traders, they lost their shirts. >> a lot of people have been to prison for this kind of stuff. >> elizabeth warren, the new senator from massachusetts, a financial regulator herself back in the day. she wants wall street people to go to jail. so if you are asking me should corzine be banned for life, i say ice not my call, go ask elizabeth warren or ask the voters of new jersey where he was the governor and senator from new jersey and left with an $11 billion deficit for the state of new jersey. and them if he should have a lifetime ban. >> and the president was talking about the fat cats on wall
3:21 am
street that didn't pay the price while the middle class burned, he's one of the the if a cats. why doesn't he call out his buddy? >> joe biden, he is well-connected. he has raised a lot of money for their campaigns. >> what are the chances he is banned? because he's trying to start a new hedge fund now. >> i think the chances are pretty strong actually. it's not my call whether he is or should be, but the odds are he will be banned and that would stop him from trading again, stop him from starting the new hedge fund. >> anybody who gives him money after his track record should be ashamed of themselves. if you have to care about people's money you don't give it to the cowboy on wall street. >> within this administration nobody is accountable for what they have done in the past. >> barney and company coming up in the past. you are accountable for that show, right? >> at 9:20. >> i apologize. so defensive. >> all right, go have some tea
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and a little crumpet. >> it's coffee for me. >> that's why i love you. >> it's the question that has eluded men for centuries. why to i always have to read this? why do women talk so much? we have to get the scientific answer. why is it that you talk so much, gretchen? >> because i can? >> because you can. i am going to leave it at that. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way.
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wick headlines. once again your tax dollars may end up boosting china's economy? fisker scored nearly $530 million from the energy department in 2010. and you might want to take a closer look at your credit card bills. thousands of americans have been hit with fake fees. they are so small, 20, 30 bucks at a time, you might not even notice. but they add up quickly. the company behind the scam billing consumers, they have scammed consumers tore more than $24 million. >> brian, thank you very much. regulation nation. listen to this, folks. new england fishermen are fighting for their lively had had becaused federal government are about toly. how many fish they can catch. new restrictions will be put in place may 1st. almost 200 fishermen are urging congress to rethink the impending catch limits that they say will destroy america's shawl
3:27 am
fishing describe. richard is the president of the northeast fishery section three. he's one of the many fishermen speaking out. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> explain this to us. last year the federal government declared your business a disaster? >> yes, they did. >> why? >> we've been rebuilding the cod stock since 1992, and this year the revouch vessel that the fishery service owns, the henry big low, could not catch any cod fish. it's happened every seven or eight years the cod leave this region and they come back. they could come back tomorrow,we don't know. but that's what's taken place. they so the secretary of customers declared it a disaster. >> so this is what the federal government is proposing. we have a graphic we are going to show. they are proposing a 77% reduction in the cod that you are able to fish, and also a 60%
3:28 am
reduction of flounder. if that were to go through, richard, what would happen to your business? >> the entire fishery between the gulf of maine and georgia' banks, they would be put out of business. there might be a few that would be able to purchase everybody. everybody's quota and stay in business but essentially it will limb the small boat fishery forever. >> here's the thing. and you know this, but apparently the federal government does not." you explained last year they sent out a fishing boat and couldn't find cod. explain for our viewing audience, richard, what happens with cod every couple of years for some unexplained and unknown reason? >> cod come into these waters not only to spawn but to feed on a certain feed fish. this year there's been no feed fish in the place and they have left. where do they go? they go to iceland, norway, we have no idea and the science can't tell us that. the science is sketchy to start
3:29 am
with. it happened before and we are positive the cod fish will come back. when they come back the entire fleet will be tied to the docks and the people of this country will be purchasing fish from other countries as they do now. >> that's crazy when we have great fish up in new england we could be buying. richard, ultimately what do you want to see happen [i would like to see the congressmen who have been pushing for disaster relief, which we praise them, they are doing a fantastic job, we would like to see president obama step in and help the northeast region with disaster relief immediately because we've got -- we've got men now that have not had pay collection in -- paychecks in months. with the new rules starting may 1st, we will be totally out of business. >> and your message is you have not overfished, the fish have gone elsewhere and they have been doing this for a long for a very, lore long time.
3:30 am
>> that's right. the flounder stocks are increasing and they are still giving us 60% reduction on our flounder stock which is devastating to every sector of the business. >> all right. richard, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. speaking of fish, you may be paying for snapper and getting tilapia instead. a new study shows fish fraud is off the scales. and could she about our next one? we go behind the scene for the latest 007 car. ♪ [ride sally ride ♪ lobsterfest is the king of all promotions. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos.
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>> some political news here. there's talk the white house may fine china for their recent cyber attacks on american companies. the fines could total billions, and we could use that money to pay back china. >> when people are asked what exactly has china taken, they say everything. they have copied almost everything in washington and we
3:35 am
have done almost nothing. >> except that we are probably copying probably everything in their country too. >> so we are coping our stuff back? how dare they. >> but we are selling it, they around. >> but they aren't innovators. so there's nothing really to copy from them. >> well, let's just feel it. that's what ian believes. >> let's do the headlines. >> words with alex baldwin. all right. 27 minutes now before the top of the hour. we have headlines for you. he can't pay his bills, he has no healthcare and now the federal government is adding insult to injury. they are investigating the man who shot and killed osama bin laden. the pentagon is trying to determine if he leaked classified information with an interview with "esquire"
3:36 am
magazine. the shooter said that is why the hero decided to break his science and now we move more about their struggle. for that we thank them. by the way, they are still investigating marco win, the shooter named mark owen. but yet they have a video on it. you paid for red snapper but what you are eating is tilapia. a new report said fish fraud is off the scale. 80% of the snapper they catch is not snapper and the most frequently faked fish is tuna. it was really the eel-like fish called escolar. >> what can we believe anymore? chinese are stealing our stuff, fish is being substituted. >> and the meat is now horse meat. >> and i'll move on to texas governor rick perry who has nothing to do with any of that.
3:37 am
jerry brown of california and they are locked in a words about business. but one says he knows. >> the differences between california and texas from a black and white standpoint of business are so stark that it's actually, if you can just sit back and be objective, it's a pretty easy decision. >> california is lost with a $100 million gain for texas. 90% of the staff now live in that state. >> men have wondered for years and now it's finally been revealed the women why women sauk so much. researchers at the university of maryland found females are the more talkative sex because of a special language protein in their brain. it's believed women speak about 20,000 words a day. that is 13,000 more than the average man. so i guess there is a scientific disparity.
3:38 am
>> sorry, guys. i guess that means the women's brain is bigger. >> it has a different protein. >> you have more dopamine. >> morph that green matter in there. >> my brain? very smooth. >> indeed. >> yep. >> his impact on the game of basketball was enormous and the lakers organization made sure everyone knew how important their former owner was. >> ♪ life is good ♪ life is sweet and i thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. >> layers and fans remembering jerry. kobe bryant gave a speech about his former owner and they cheer. to top it off the lakers weren't out and beat their arch rival, the celtics 113-99. and lewis waive retired after the super bowl strict but he won't beside lined for long. the company has brought lewis on
3:39 am
board. he said he will with a role on nfl count down. they are comfortable with his controversial past. we will ask a colleague a also later on in the show. coming up on radio. of, chris wallace, who he met in person, seems nice. and andy leevc and ken from virginia, that's coming up on kilmeade & friends from nine to noon and 6:00 on the west coast. they can this out. top golfers like tiger woods and roy mci will roy were forced off the course in tucson, arizona because of snow! it was the first time a pga tournament was suspended on the account of snow. and may i add, janice, that it's the desert. it was snowing in the desert. what's going on? >> it's tucson and they do get snow but they got about two inches and it completely stopped the game. luckily they will have temperatures in the 50s today and no snow in the forecast.
3:40 am
all the snow has moved eastward and the plains and midwest are in for it. we could get 12, 18, maybe even 24 inches of snow. it is cold out. much of the country is into a deep freeze. oh, my gosh, look at that. 22 rapid city, 25 in new york and the windchill is cooler. go the picture, much of the country at or below freezing. that's the set up. the plate is set up for some big snow across the midwest and the great lakes and the central plains where we have winter weather advisories, winter warnings and the potential for ice. pink is the really dangerous ice area. and we could see on top of that severe weather across the south. a whole myriad of weather happening to the. the big story is the snow, up 2024 inches across nebraska and kansas. and look at the ice. that's half an inch of ice to on top of roadways and power lines in arkansas and missouri.
3:41 am
really dangerous. people are advised not to go outside at all today. this is one of the biggest storms they have seen in a couple years across the central plains. and this weekend some of that moisture, steve, gretchen, and brian, could make for a nor'easter for new england. snow on top of the two feet they got two or three weeks ago. >> okay. it's keeping us in business, the weather. >> thanks so much. >> now it's time to drive back to a time when great cars ruled roads. now you can own one for yourself. live from florida is anna. how do people get their hands on these things? >> well, they are up for auction, gretchen, this saturday. there's 80 cars up for auction. we are in a 1957 mercury monte clare red convertible. gorgeous. along with the the 80 cars. thousands of pieces of memorabilia going up for auction.
3:42 am
a portion of the proceeds will be going to military charities. let's take a look at some of these cars. ♪ she's real fine my 409 my 409 ♪ >> tell me about the car. >> 409 cubic inches, 425-horsepower, positive tracks rear. >> let's go to the beach. who doesn't love the beach boys? >> she's real fine my 409. speed limit? none. with the southerners admire a car we say nice car. >> this is a z28. >> ♪ diamonds are a girl's best >> diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> am i interrupting this? the 1957 thunderbird, marilyn monroe's favorite car. this one is a rose color. >> do you have a woodstock in this bad boy?
3:43 am
>> 1967, 13-window vw bus. >> trying to go 88 miles and get us back to the future. >> this is 1981 delorean that michael j. fox drove in back to the future. >> roads? we don't need roads! ♪ >> this is the ford thunderbird from 007. die another day. >> so we went off into the sunset and we are getting back up before the sunrises. good morning to you. this is fran and ron green. thanks for being here on fox & friends. fran, you decided to give a portion of the proceeds on saturday to military charities because of why? >> it's a personal journey for me. the museum and the auction
3:44 am
itself. my dad was a veteran of foreign wars. he was a world war ii vet in the north african and italian campaigns, and he was decorated and also disabled. so it means a lot to me. >> and he passed away when you were quite young so this is helping to let his memory live on? >> you are absolutely right. it's a wonderful, wonderful charities that we are giving this to. we hope everybody comes out and buys a beautiful classic car. >> and, ryan, you know is this hard for you to part with? you are really the car enthusiast of the two. >> they often say cars can't love you back, so it's hard to part with them because i have so much invested in them with love and time. but we are happy to give these proceeds to the charities. >> absolutely. and you went a few of the cars just for the grandkids. thank you so much. we will check back in with you in a bit. we will check out more cars. back to you on the curvey couch. >> that's an awesome trip like
3:45 am
down route 66. they are going to auction off over 80 cars on sunday. >> coming up, and we have a lot of show left, you can thank al gore for this one. is it just a trojan horse for terror, al-jazeera? that's coming up next. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pa.
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3:49 am
al-jazeera america but they plan to have newsagent sis in eight major cities. with me is captain pete health seth. you have had direct interaction with al-jazeera. should we be concerned about infiltrating into america? >> we should know what they are bringing to bear. i did interviews with them in 2008 as an iraq war veteran who believed in completing the war. they characterized these guys at monsters and killers and i could stand on there face-to-face with an anchor and say that's not what we are doing and what you are showing is not true. i think you will see a lot of the same. they will try to be more nuanced about it. ultimately the end of the day they will need viewership. the guy who bought the network, bottom less pockets and he can pay for it but he won't want to lose money for ever. they will hedge and haw, but it
3:50 am
will being interesting to see how they of weave anti-america into everything here. >> they hire talent and say they aren't interested in honest news and got out of it. >> that's why they are going to have to. because if they come here and completely slanted anti-american, especially foreign policy news, people will turn it off, absent those watching al gore current. al gore is the gift that keeps on giving. >> his insincerity and the hypocrisy is unbelievable where he condemns oil and this whole network is fueled on oil profits. and his dad after he left the u.s. senate he helped arm & hammer, head of petroleum, he helped him with his business. >> cashing in on contacts. and it was reported how he happened to wait ten days for the sale or got it done early so he could avoid taxes. the guy who believes in everyone paying for taxes. there's no principle involved in
3:51 am
it whatsoever. he cashed in at the tune of $100 million. he seems to be okay that al-jazeera will be on our doorstep with seven investigative reporters. who are they going to try to expose whether it's truth or not? bad news all-around andal year has a foothold in washington d.c. and seven other cities. >> and i think more should do what you did, take them on. >> and we will see if they continue to grow because no one was watching current tv. >> always good to see you in the studio. >> thanks, brian. >> he claims he's homeless because his parents didn't love him enough. he's suing his parents. you have to hear it. and he got fired from his job for slapping a toddler on a plane. but it happen on his own time so does his employer have a right to fire him for that? we will talk about that next. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
3:52 am
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>> did you hear about this story? idaho executive joe hunley made headlines he used a racial slur and then he slapped a toddler on a delta airlines fault. he was charged with assault and he also lost his job. but the incident happened on his personal time so does the employer have the right to fire him? let's ask fox news senior analyst. this is obviously a case where he can be fired, correct? >> the short answer to this is, yes, the employer has the right to fire him. but his employment relationship is governed by a contract with his employer, if he has one. if he doesn't have one, then
3:56 am
it's governed by the law, and the law says he's without a contract, he's an at-will employee so the employer can fire him for any reason because of public policy. can't fire him because of his age, race, gender or beliefs but you can fire him for being a jerk, you can fire him for being rude, can fire him for being disrepute to his company, and you can fire him for slapping a baby and for using the "n" word. without question you can fire him for that. >> if he doesn't have a contract obviously the private company can do whatever they want to do with him. if he did have a contract, does it change anything? >> the contract would then govern the circumstances under which he could be fired. now, i haven't seen his contract because it's not available to us. it's unlikely that this kind of nonworkplace behavior would be insulated, that is he could do whatever he wants out of the workplace and still enjoy his job. meaning the contract probably gives his bosses some leeway. the typical executive contract,
3:57 am
and think of any ceo, lloyd at goldman sachs, would allow his bosses, the board of directors, to fire him for some behavior that brings disrepute to the company? some behavior unbe coming the ceo of a company. i'm going to guess if this character in idaho has a similar contract, there's similar language in there and that's the wiggle room he has. >> we live in a litigious society. would this guy, if he's fired, which he has been, would he have any kind of a case to try to get his job back? >> probably not. even if he's acquitted of the charge of using the "n" word -- actually he's not charged with using the" n" word, he's charged with assault. even if he's acquitted of the assault, he can still be fired because of behavior that cause the disrepute to the company. not only can he not sue
3:58 am
successfully to get the job back, he can be sued for psychological injury to the child as a result of this awful public display. >> all right. judge -- >> and these things happen. >> it is a terrible story but thanks for braining it down for us. have a great day. >> you, too. >> and china accused of hacking into our nation's computers. if companies can't protect themselves, how can you? stick around. >> and a celebrity lookalike. can you guess would? here's a hint. think reservoir dog. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing. i feel healthy.
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in every little bottle. to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, february 21. happy birthday to my father-in-law. i'm gretchen carlson.
4:02 am
i hope off fantastic day. two huge bombshells this morning in the blade runner murder trial. the lead investigator facing murder charges himself? and that's not all. the brand-new information just breaking. we'll let you know. >> brian: wow. the president stepping up his campaign against republicans over sequester. but is he the one who can stop it? why doesn't he if he can? charles krauthammer straight ahead with the comparison you don't want to miss. >> steve: and he says he's homeless because his parents didn't love him enough. now he's suing them. did i mention he's 32 years old. it's true. now he wants to run a pizza place. weird story. "fox & friends" -- gets much weirder -- "fox & friends" hour two for thursday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. >> steve: he's still blaming his parents. he's 32, homeless.
4:03 am
he says they should mortgage their lives for his and wait 'til you hear what the parents and the sister says. >> gretchen: we were talking about the list to my knowledgeious society we live in. in the meantime, your headlines. last night, five people were killed in a plane crash in georgia. two others were hurt when the small jet overshot the runway at a regional airport near augusta and crashed into the woods. >> just like a boom, the power flickered on and off and then went off at 20 minutes. >> gretchen: the pilot was one of the two survivors. investigators aren't sure what caused the plane to crash. earlier nike announcing it's suspending its contract with oscar pistorius. the case taking a twist overnight. the detective leading the murder investigation, screen left, apparently facing his own attempted murder charges now
4:04 am
over a police-involved shooting a few years ago. he and several others officers fired at a bus they were chase not guilty 2011. the charges were at first dropped and then reinstatuted. the prosecution says ihave any . this revelation coming at the third day of the bail hearing getting underway in south africa. brand-new surveillance video capturing the moment a gas explosion rocks a restaurant in kansas city, missouri. likely set off by a construction crew, hitting a natural gas line. one woman died. she was a server at the restaurant. 15 others were injured. six people remain in the hospital this morning. sun spot on the surface of the sun is large enough o swallow six earths. sun spots formed from shifting magnetic fields on the sun's surface. the giant sun spot, which is made up of the bottom two black dots in this picture, is growing so fast, it may cause solar flares coming up later on this week. and those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: you know whose fault
4:05 am
that is? >> brian: george bush. he left the spots there. >> steve: the department of defense officially yesterday notified 800,000 civilian employees at the pentagon that given the looming sequester, there is really a possibility that they are going to be furloughed. the way the law runs and the way the if you are slow sequester runs, it looks like they would be furloughed one day per week through the educational background of the fiscal year for a total of 22 furloughed days, where they don't get paid. there are a lot of people saying, this is really a bad thing. keep in mind, the president invented it. now he's standing behind it. he says the republicans have got to cave. but the president could change everything. if you were watching bret baier's show last night, he was talking about the transfer authority because the nature of the sequester is it's an across the board cut. all he would have to do is authorize this transfer authority and i'm sure the republicans in congress would do that, where you take money out of certain bucket, like in the pentagon, for conferences, and
4:06 am
then you put it over to payroll. the president could fix it, but so far he's chosen not to. >> gretchen: this is a big deal for 800,000 people, most civilians at the pentagon. it's furloughed one day every week, cut of 20%. interesting e-mails we received since we talked about this at 6:00 o'clock from viewers, they say that during this time employees will be unable to take another job due to federal restrictions. so it seems like they're going to be in a tough spot. i wonder how many calls will be coming into the white house today to say, mr. president, please try to do something about this. >> brian: right. also on top of that, the president essentially says let's just do this in a fair way. let's raise taxes on the rich again. >> steve: didn't he already do that? >> brian: he just it it three weeks ago. now he says he's going to go back to do that. for the long-term the republicans are saying, why don't we go back and replace the defense cuts with other domestic program cuts, including reorganizing medicare and medicaid. they also want, the republicans,
4:07 am
to balance the budget within ten years. i don't believe that is a criminal gesture, which will require far greater cost cutting than just the sequester. the president goes, why don't we just delay a little bit? i'll cut some farm subsidies and we'll do it again in two months we know that does nothing for the certainty we need in the economy. in terms of the height and danger, i think charles krauthammer put it best. >> this is the most ridiculously hyped armageddon since the mayan calendar. in fact, it looks worse than a mayan disaster. look, this, as you say, can be solved in a day, in an hour, by allowing a transfer of funds. it's incredibly soluble, easily soluble. the president is the one who wanted to propose it. he won't, of course, 'cause he is look for a fight and not a solution. >> steve: and ultimately he wants to make the republicans look bad and he wants to retake the house in 2014. that is his political end game.
4:08 am
>> gretchen: so with all these questions about the cuts to the military, general bob scales thinks that he has found a solution. here is the general. >> it's not the fact that the d.o.d. budget is going down, it's the way it's going down. nothing ask as badly -- is as badly handled as sequestration because of the shacks it puts on the service chiefs because moving money around, particularly when we're an army at war bus we have to be able to send trained and ready soldiers into the combat zone and remove those in the combat zone back to the united states before the stress of combat gets to be too much. we're the best trained military in the world right now, but the thing that erodes quickest in the military is training and readiness. soldiers lose their edge very, very quickly if they're not able to continuously train. >> gretchen: i do think this is interesting because it will come down to a battle of wills again.
4:09 am
here we are up against another deadline, march 1. same thing happened with raising tax before the end of the year. the republicans acquiesced to the president. if you're the president, you're thinking, i'll just play that game again and i'll pin the republicans down and they'll have to do this because i'll just tell the american people that the republicans just are against tax hikes, which is not really the whole story. but will it be that the president will actually have to take accountability on this one because it was his idea and will he actually have to be the one that budgets this time to try and save all of these jobs? >> brian: i just think the republican nesting is not strong. i don't think they go out and do it in a good way say their case that, they proposed two different ways to handle southwester and side line it, that they actually knew this was coming. they were very concerned about defense problem and it wasn't from them. john boehner sat on the side and said, you created it. you fix it. a lot of americans say, well, i see the president trying and i don't see republicans out there. >> steve: here is the thing, the republicans are out there and they're making their case and they do make an effective case
4:10 am
of what is looming and how the president could fix this right now today, just with the stroke of a pen. but he doesn't because he's out for politics and he's got a compliant national mainstream media. whatever he says, they put out there and that's one of the reasons why he's got a high popular iterating, because how many members of the mainstream media said you know the sequester was invented by the white house, right? >> brian: nobody knows that. he was denying that. >> steve: he was. >> brian: in 2010 that -- 2011, he's like, i didn't come up with this, and bob woodruff wrote it. he has all-time approval rating at 55%. 40% disapprove. all time for him back to 2009. for the republicans, they have 35% with a 55% disapproval rating. >> steve: today on the pages of human events, they say, and i quoted this earlier, they say rather than blame barak obama for inventing this and getting us into the pickle we're in now, the republicans should say, thank you, mr. president, for dreaming up a plan that finally has some spending cuts.
4:11 am
thanks for signing it into law. it's not much, but we sure appreciate it. and it's probably the only chance we're going to get to slow growth and spending in the government in the next four years. >> brian: the only problem is half of it's defense and you could argue that the only thing working in government over the last ten years has been the defense department. sure they could lean out a little bit. >> gretchen: you could also argue it's not really addressing the real problem in the country, which is the massive spending 2003 on these entitlement programs. come on, folks, we have to face facts that we got to do something about these big programs. not that we want to hurt anyone down the line, but for our age bracket, we know we're probably not going to see it, so let's just make the changes now so that everyone can have the best benefits moving forward. those are the big issues that nobody wants to address on capitol hill right now. that's what people are frustrated about. >> brian: how many times have i told new life when things go wrong, blame your parents. you guys think i'm crazy. finally the trend is breaking my way. >> steve: there is a fellow in brooklyn. >> brian: new york? >> steve: yes.
4:12 am
bernard bay, he's 32 years old, that man is. he filed this lawsuit himself. he is suing his parents for $200,000. he's blaming his parents for leaving him homeless and destitute because they raised him and his sibling in a poor situation. here -- in addition to suing his parents, he has a solution. all right. mom and dad, i know we don't get along of the but you should mortgage your house. you should get that money and you should then buy two domino's pizza franchises so the entire family can have jobs. >> gretchen: any judge that looks at this case, like how could you possibly go forward with this case and hold the parents still responsible? >> brian: is napolitano still in the building? >> gretchen: this would have been a great segment to discuss with him. he does say that his father, who is not his real father, stepfather, he alleges that he was beaten as a child, which is a serious issue. take that out of the equation, just because you were raised in a family that did not have a lot of means, doesn't mean you can
4:13 am
come back to them later on and say that's why you don't have any means. the parents, the mother says she did the best she could with what she had. >> steve: the mother also says, he's 32 years old! that says a lot for you. she says welcome to america. everybody in america has the same opportunity. don't blame the parents at this point. the choice is yours. you're an adult. i think if she had her choice, she would give him a time out. >> brian: i don't want to lead the witness. let's ask the people, is 32 a good time to sue your parents? do you think it's about time? >> gretchen: let us know what you think about that. you can e-mail or twitter us. coming up, the lead detective in the oscar pistorius case facing attempted murder charges himself now. so how will this revelation change the case? coming up next, a man who investigated hundreds of murder cases. he ought to know. >> brian: a dog taking the internet by storm and it's all because he has a celebrity look alike. can you guess? here is a hint.
4:14 am
think reservoir dogs.
4:15 am
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4:17 am
>> gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour. a bombshell this morning in the murder case of olympian oscar pistorius. the lean investigator in the case is facing seven counts of attempted murder stemming from an incident that took place in 2011. the investigator and several other officers apparently fired at a mini because they were chasing and drunk at the time allegedly. the new revelations as pistorius appeared in court for his third day of bail hearing. so how will the news about the investigator now play into this case? rod wheeler is a fox news contributor and former homicide vector and joins me live from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: this is like the prosecutor's worst nightmare,
4:18 am
right? >> it is. there is two things that's very important in a homicide trial and obviously we're just in the bail stage here. but the prosecutor has to know that his main key witness doesn't have any issues that's going to come up. now, the issue that's going to come up here is the issue of credibility. that's what this is going to boil down to. one other thing, it's better to find out about this detective's past now versus when this case actually goes to trial. that would really be a bombshell. >> gretchen: the detective apparently walked through the crime scene without wearing protective shoe covers, possibly contaminating the area, and you have to keep in mind that this is a very famous person that these murder charges are against, oscar pistorius. could the defense not also say, well, maybe this detective was jealous of him and made up some of the things that he found? >> well, why wouldn't the defense say that? the defense will say anything that they possibly can and i'll tell you, they're going to do a lot more digging pertaining to this particular detective and any other detectives that was on the scene. because remember, it's their
4:19 am
responsibility to paint a picture of pistorius as being the innocent guy here or at least the individual that was trying to proceed they can't himself, where by it's the prosecution's responsibility to show things contrary to that. we can expect to hear all of that come up. >> gretchen: we should mention this is a totally different kind of process than in the united states 'cause this will eventually never go to a jury. it will be in front of a judge. that's why you hear all the evidence right now. let's talk about some of the evidence. what do you make of the fact that there is going to be a big debate about the trajectory of the gun shots and whether or not business storeious had his blades, his fake legs on or not? is that easy to tell? >> yes, it is. real quickly, the way it's easy to tell, here is how we would determine this on a crime scene. we look at exactly how those bullets were fired and were they actually penetrated at the scene. in this particular case, the bullets actually penetrated the bathroom door in which this woman was in. now, if the bullets went at a downward angle, that meant that this individual, oscar
4:20 am
pistorius, must have been at a relatively high height when he shot the gun, otherwise, gretchen, the trajectory would have been at an upward angle. so that's definitely going to play in this. one other very critical piece of evidence here is that the holster in which pistorius kept his weapon was actually on the side of the bed underneath the bed, in which miss steenkamp would have been sleeping. well, if that's the case, that meant that he had to have known miss steenkamp was not in the bed when he went to get his weapon because he had to reach over to that side of the bed. that's also going to be a major piece of evidence that's going to come up in this case. >> gretchen: but yesterday it just seemed so amazing to me listening to this testimony because there was -- made it seem like pistorius was going to be for sure guilty and then they started punching holes in it, like the witness said she heard fighting between the two of them, was three to six football fields away. is this just a different legal system than we're used to or are these just mistakes? >> no, i don't think it's that much different.
4:21 am
i think it's very similar. you have to anticipate that like i said, the defense responsibility, they have outright poke holes in all the evidence, and the witness' testimony and they're going to continue to do that. but again, if the detective and the prosecution strictly stick to the facts and just testify to the facts that they found, they should prevail in this case. but again, keep in mind now, this is only the bail hearing. so a lot of this stuff is coming out at a time which if you do want to find out about these holes, this is the time to find out about it. don't wait until the actual trial because that could be a fatal flaw in the case. >> gretchen: all right. very interesting analysis. rod wheeler, thanks for your time today. >> sure, thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: coming up next, china accused of hacking into the u.s. computers. so far nations top companies can't protect themselves. how can you? stick around. we'll try to help you. then behind bars and still getting paid. inmates getting unemployment checks and it's all on your dime i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver.
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your adventure starts here.
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4:25 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. first, $53,000, that's how much america is in debt for every man, woman and child. the nation's debt currently more than 16 1/2 trillion dollars. next, 7 million bucks. that's how much pennsylvania inmates received in fraudulent unemployment benefits in just the last four months. officials claim there was poor oversite. you think so? last, 48,000. that's how much chinese angry about their toxic rivers are offering a the heads of their environmental protection bureaus to swim in the waterways they're in charge of protecting. someone did take up the dare.
4:26 am
they would need to swim for a half an hour. good luck. for 50,000? why not. >> steve: yesterday we told you about this story, the chinese military suspected of hacking into you corporations, hundreds of times a day and stealing a lot of secrets. well, if those companies can't protect themselves, how can you protect yourself? morgan wright is a cyber security analyst and ceo of connected to the case and joins us live from d.c good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> steve: you got some great tips. folks, think about this, first of all, you say encrypt your network. how do we do that? >> lot of us now, it used to be five years ago, someone needed a degree. now it's simple, when you plug it in, a lot of these companies who build technology, especially for small businesses and your home, make it very simple. it's like plug it in, enter a few passwords and then you're set to go. but make sure especially wireless networks, encrypt, encrypt. don't let that stuff go out in the open. >> steve: you have to follow a recipe and it's available
4:27 am
on-line. at this it two weeks ago and i'm glad i did. also you say generate strong passwords. i know a lot of people, their password is password, or password 1. but off suggestion on using a phrase. >> yeah. we're just talking before the break, or during the break. we both come from kansas. it could be, hey, congratulations to the kansas state wildcats. or i love ksu. create some things that only you would know, create some things that you like, or take the first letter out of a long sentence of something you know very well, like the musical refrain in one of your favorite led zeppelin songs. you can do stuff that you can remember. but just don't make it simple. like password 1 or your fetas name. those are so yesterday. >> steve: all right. make sure your antivirus program is up to date because the antivirus companies do a lot of monitoring of the hackers and as soon as they know of a problem, they try to put a patch on the line, don't they? >> right. you're not going to get 100% of the stuff, but if you're not updating, you're going to miss 90% of the stuff. at least keep up to date against
4:28 am
the most prevalent threats and a lot of things change. so your antivirus program probably has a setting to update in real time so you don't have to go in and update. you'll prevent 95% of your problems. >> steve: also, turn on your personal firewall. it can take five minute, but it's worth a boat load of misery. >> look, five minutes will save you 50 hours of trying to clear your name in identity theft and all the background work. so your software, your computer has a setting in a lot of these places for a personal firewall. you can take that with you. you have a laptop and you're out in public, when you're in a public area, like starbucks or using public wi-fi, you can use that to also help protect yourself against people monitoring your conversation. >> steve: your final tip is use identity protection programs. >> look, there are a lot of them out there now. it's an unfortunate fact of life that a lot of people are being targeted on-line financially. people identity theft. e-mails are the biggest way that people steal your identity. you click on an attachment in e-mail, next thing you know,
4:29 am
your information has been used to open up accounts. use some type of on-line monitoring service. make copies of your statement. save something. if you're worried, you got a lot of money, take a screen shot to prove you had the money in there. >> steve: that's such a good point because i was thinking, if the chinese took down city bank and you had $89,000 in it on tuesday, and suddenly you can't log on to them and they've been hacked and the best way to forget yourself is to be able to prove how much money you had on tuesday morning, right? >> yeah. you're going to hope they've also got back ups of back ups because you'll have your insurance kicking in, the fdic. but yeah, four your peace of mind, if you've got a lot of money, make copies and do your own back ups to prove you had that kind of money in there. if you do, send me some, i'd like it. >> steve: i hear you. all right. morgan wright, fellow kansas boy, thank you very much for joining us today. >> you, too. >> steve: good advice. 28 minutes now after the top of the hour. next up, you really need that medical test.
4:30 am
what about that painful procedure. a stunning new report right from the inside coming up. then, covering up injuries in the nfl. how often does it happen? nfl great jason taylor is here and he knows the answer firsthand. he and brian coming into studio e [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ . >> brian: time for your shot of the morning. this dog taking the internet by storm. it's only because he has a celebrity look alike. who is it? think reservoir dog. if you guessed steve bushemy, you are right. >> steve: harsh. >> gretchen: i don't think it looks like him that much. i thought we were talking about the dog last week that looked like a human. i thought they were going to say that. >> brian: i do think they look eerily similar, except for him, that's his first credible role he's had. he's usually like a guy on beano. >> gretchen: a bad guy. let's do some headlines. he can't pay his bills. he has no health care and now the government is adding insult to injury. they're investigating the man who shot and killed osama bin laden. the pentagon tried to determine if he leaked classified
4:35 am
information when he gave that interview to esquire magazine. revealed details about the raid, but mostly focused on the struggles men and women of military face after retiring. the shooter says that's why he decided to break his silence. >> steve: we're glad he did. doctors across the country wasting time and money by performing unnecessary tests on their patients. that is the finding from a study by the american board of internal medicine foundation. the group says it's adding 90 procedures to an already long list of overused tests and treatments. they include unnecessary cat scans, stress tests, treating acid reflux in infants and using feeding tubes in patients with advanced dementia. the group says not only does it waste resources, but tests may actually do more harm than good. >> brian: alec baldwin says he has no reason to say sorry against a photographer. he's accused of saying the offensive comment during a heated run in and threatened to choke him to death.
4:36 am
meanwhile, his hometown, also my hometown, seems to be standing behind him. the president of the mass peca hall of -- massapequa hall of same says he knows alec personally and thinks he's a lot guy. i always thought that. look how gracious he was to me at the super bowl. it's about to happen. alec baldwin, the host of the show, the only baldwin i have yet to really befriend, this could be the moment that he either walks by me, pretends to nomo or looks at me and wants to walk by me, or stops and says it's about time, i'm the only baldwin you don't know. alleg. brian kilmeade from massapequa. thank you. (buzzer) says he's coming back. brian kilmeade. >> not right now. (buzzer) he's just a few inches away. he says he's going to do local and then walk over to us. jubilant.
4:37 am
somewhat wary. (buzzer) how often do i come up with billy and steve and danny at all? >> at least once every 15 years. >> brian: thank you. >> steve: he did talk to you. the extraordinary thing, there is a massapequa hall of fame, are you in it? >> brian: yes, i am in the hall of fame. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: now you know. >> brian: we've high threshold for pain. >> steve: i can hardly wait for that reunion. >> brian: be great. >> gretchen: i hope it's 15 years because he says he only talks about you in 15 years. >> brian: or i'll see him in the street and he'll embrace me. probably not. >> steve: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. extreme weather alert. today the nation's heartland, 30 million people preparing for what could be the worst storm to hit the midwest in two years. in oklahoma city, roads are
4:38 am
already covered with the slushy mix of snow and ice, causing one deadly crash. yesterday top golfers like tiger woods and mcilroy were forced off a golf course in arizona because of snow. it was the first time a pga tournament was suspended on account of snow. who do we blame? janis dean. >> no! i love seeing the snow on the cactus. isn't that cool? >> steve: that's crazy. >> i love to see video of the players running because of the snow coming in. hopefully we'll get some of that. let's talk about it. this is the same system that's now moving across the central u.s., bringing incredible amounts of snow, 12 to 18 inches, maybe two feet of snow. just on the border between nebraska and kansas. let's look at the weather maps and show where you it's very cold. this is the current wind chill. that's what it feels like with the wind if you're not dressed appropriately. feels like minus 6 in minneapolis. 13 in chicago. 18 in new york. you get the picture. the table is set for some snow across the central u.s. and
4:39 am
there you can see the snow moving into kansas and nebraska. see that pink stuff? that's freezing rain and/or ice, a very, very dangerous concoction that's going to coat the roadways in parts of missouri and arkansas. see that purple on your map? that's an ice storm warning for significant icing. the other part of this storm, i just want to point out, is we have the threat for tornadoes across the gulf coast. texas, louisiana, mississippi, up toward arkansas. hail, winds and tornadoes. obviously this is going to be quite a day in the weather department. we'll keep you posted from the fox extreme weather department. back to you inside. >> gretchen: good thing we have you on board. thank you, janis. the suicide of junior seau last year put a spotlight on the dangers of professional football. >> brian: is it not just the head injuries we're talking about? should we be talking about the whole body? a recent story highlighted the 15-year career of jason taylor. he would play through injuries with the help of drugs and even at one point, was hours away
4:40 am
from losing his leg. >> steve: joining us is form nfl star, jason taylor. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you. >> brian: turned tv star at espn. >> we'll see. >> brian: i was shocked to see what you put up with and your reason for coming forward to talk about what did you to stay on the field. >> it's just the culture of the nfl. i'm one guy of many that go through injuries every year, has to battle through those things. it's all about getting to sunday. that's what we always say. if i'm hurt on monday, can i play on sunday? what do i need to do to get to that point? there are legal drugs that we take, pain killers, treatments, alternative treatments, whatever you can do to get youon the fiey the game. >> steve: extraordinarily, though, you would be in so much pain, you write and talk little bit about how you were in so much pain, you tried to fall asleep standing up on the stairs. >> when i had the compartment syndrome in my leg, i had no idea what it was. i was trying to get comfortable and go to bed, taking am bee onto go to sleep, taking pain kills that the doctor gave me.
4:41 am
nothing was work. i realized the more i walked around the house, the pain would subside. so i thought this is weird. i'm walking upstairs and i got to a point on the steps where i was comfortable. it's 2:00 o'clock in the morning and i've got a bunch of drugs in me trying to go to sleep and i finally got comfortable and found out if i stand up and sleep, i can do it. but if i had to lay down, i'd be in tears. >> gretchen: so there is a lot of discussion now about the nfl potentially being responsible for these head injuries. there is a class action lawsuit against them. as a form player, are you also saying that it is the players' responsibility because you willingly took those drugs to get back out on the field on sunday? >> i think it's both ways. we signed up for this. and i understand that. i understand there is guys that are in that class action suit about the concussions and the ramifications of the concussions. but i'm not one of those guys. we signed up for the damage we do to our bodies. we understand going in. never once have i felt this any doctor, whether in miami, new york with the jets or in
4:42 am
washington, never do i feel like a doctor ever put me in harm's way. he would tell me the information i needed to know. this is what you've done. you can do this much more damage or you can't do this much more damage. if you want to play bad enough, which i always did. i always wanted to play. great, doctor. you told me what's wrong. >> steve: would you ever lie to the doctor? >> yeah. all the time of the it happens all the time still. if you look at a case like san francisco 49ers this year where alex smith gets a concussion, he's playing very well. took that team to the nfc championship game last year. >> brian: went to overtime in the championship game. one step away from the super bowl. >> has to miss one game. kaepernick is put in as quarterback. alex smith never gets his job back. so if it happens to a starting quarterback on a high profile team like that, what does that say for the 50th guy on the roster or 40th guy? they'll hide those things. >> gretchen: would do you it all again the same way? >> i said this in the article, i would sleep on the steps again have a chance to live out my childhood dream, playing professional sports. i had the best job in the world
4:43 am
for a long time. i got to play a game that i loved with guys that i loved, got paid well for it. i'd do it again any day. >> brian: you wanted to be the next mike strahan. you love sports, but you want to do everything, right? >> absolutely. >> brian: you were here ten years ago. >> long time ago. but yeah, i think what michael strahan has done has been fantastic and crossing over from just sports into entertainment and everyday life, he's doing a great job. >> steve: how do you feel today? >> i feel great. inked go play. >> steve: good. >> i could play one game. i just can't recover that next week. >> beth: take a swing at steve. >> as soon as they turn this camera off, he's going down. [ laughter ] >> brian: come o gretchen! >> gretchen: could i ask for the same treatment? great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: coming up next, is college worth it? not always. cheryl casone is here with the top four jobs you can get without a college degree. >> brian: big trouble for pam anderson of she's being forced out of her home.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: 45 minutes past the top of the hour. this definitely is no vacation for part-time work. they have to eliminate their health insurance plan because of obama administration obama administration. 500 workers will be affected. and this bay watch babe being forced out of her malibu mansion. pamela anderson selling her dream home for $8 million. the reason apparently is financial trouble. she owes more than half a million dollars in unpaid taxes.
4:48 am
brian? >> brian: wow. this week it was reported that a bachelor's degree is the new high school diploma and that even jobs not requiring college skills won't hire anyone unless they have a college degree. cheryl casone says wait. that isn't exactly true. she's back here with four jobs you can land now without a degree. welcome back. >> yeah. look, it is tough if you don't have a college degree right now. that employment rate is up over 8% right now. but these are some of the jobs we've been talking about on "fox & friends" for two years. the first is home health aid. i just did one of these companies on tuesday. this is going in, maybe you're doing lighthouse keeping, helping people bathe, take care of themselves. with one person turning 65 every 13 seconds right now in this country, this is a huge industry. the average pay in 2010 was 20,000 a year. 9.70 per hour. that's actually higher now. more toward the 10, $11 range. but the outlook, 70% growth in
4:49 am
this industry from now through 2020. that's huge because of baby boomers. >> brian: now let's talk about a personal trainer. no one wants to work out alone anymore. >> it's bore to go work out by yourself. we talked about new york sports club on the show. this is personal trainers. they will train you, you don't need a degree to be a personal trainer. the money can be actually good. if you're good at this, you can make up to 100 grand doing this type of work. and the growth rate, 24% more than average right now as far as a sector, an outlook for a job and how well that will grow. you can make 14, 15 an hour, but again, that can go sky high if you're good at this and you don't need a degree. >> brian: then you have an automatic revel if you're very good. you'll get a ton of clients. retail sales worker, for example. >> yes. we talked a lot about this. lowe's, home depot, we got an e-mail from someone that got a job through the segment. you don't need a degree. you can help people with garden work, how do they pick tiles? you can also work at a clothing store, furniture store, auto,
4:50 am
median pay, 41,000 and up. 17% growth rate for this group. again, you don't need a degree. that's crucial. >> brian: this is something else i didn't know existed, veterinarian technician. >> yeah. veterinarians always have to go to school, get that long-term degree. but a vet technician doesn't. a couple ways you can play this. you may need to get an associate's degree. you may need to get training for two years. you can do that on-line. you can actually do on-line course work. get the associate's degree and then actually help the vet, does the puppy need a shot? do you need to hold the kitten while getting their nails done. >> brian: so do the german shepherd. >> exactly. but especially if you love animals, and i do. again, this vet medicine is expanding. you wouldn't believe it right now. 52% growth rate for this. and the pay, pretty good. up to 1, 15 an hour. 30 grand and up. that was in 2010. not even now. >> brian: it's really growing. >> yeah. >> brian: cheryl casone, we'll watch you on the "fox business" network.
4:51 am
>> noon eastern time. i'll be there. come on over. >> brian: on the "fox business" network. good job. coming up straight ahead, we've been following this story. got a girl catching fire at a hospital and the doctors say hand sanitizer is to blame. how can that happen? will it happen again? we'll answer that. first, let's look back in history. the year 1979, "do you think i'm sexy," that's the name of the song. rod stewart sang it. he had long hair then look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. i i
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. we told but this story yesterday, now we know exactly what caused a freak hospital fire that left a little girl severely burned.
4:55 am
investigators in fort land have determined that hand sanitizer combined with olive oil, combined with static electricity fueled the fire. the 11-year-old was recover not guilty bed when the fire started, burning about 20% of her body. >> steve: exactly how is it something like that happen? we're joined by jennifer, editor at popular science. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: when you heard that story that this little girl apparently who had been using hand sanitizer started on fire, what did you think? >> it seems highly unlikely and yet, also possible. hand sanitizer is made up mostly of alcohol and that's a flammable fluid. so under the right conditions, it could catch on fire. >> steve: in hospitals, they have super hand sanitizer with a super alcohol content. >> hospitals use hand sanitizer that is 60% alcohol, which kills germs. >> gretchen: what about the olive oil? apparently they were using that as part of a treatment as well
4:56 am
to clear off residue of some sort. what is the connection between olive oil, the alcohol, and then static electricity? >> the combination of the hand sanitizer and the olive oil really provided a fuel for the fire. under normal conditions, if you use hand sanitizer, you rub your hands together, it evaporates. it should not catch on fire. if you add a source of ignition, like a spark from static electricity, the vapors, as it's beginning to evaporate, could ignite. but there shouldn't be any fuel source because the hand sanitizer is dried up. now, if you add that to hand sanitizer that's soaked into a shirt or bed sheet and olive oil, then you've got enough fuel. >> steve: like a grease fire on top of a stove. >> exactly. >> brian: people at home say wait a second. i want to make sure that doesn't happen to me. it seems a lot of things came together in this one incident. any advice you have? >> my advice would be make sure when you use hand sanitizer, use a liberal amount, but let it dry completely on your hands before
4:57 am
you then touch your shirt or a handbag. you should certainly just let it -- rub your hands together and let it dry completely. >> steve: also you talk about apparently there was some polyester involved. it burns faster than cotton does. i noticed in the notes you also talked about how 50 years ago, when somebody's house would catch on fire, it would take about a half hour for the place to burn down. today, how long? >> right, today you have about four to six minutes to leave your home if it's burning. that actually -- you're right, it's because we surrounded ourselves by a lot of furnishings that are made of poet yum-based products, our homes are built with differently. we use particle board walls. so they burn faster. they burn differently. they create more toxic smoke. when people are thinking about hazards like hand sanitizer, there are other hazards out there that are perhaps more potentially more dangerous and more omni present.
4:58 am
>> gretchen: jennifer, thank you. coming up, it's skier's nightmare come true. i can hardly watch this. i'm thinking of my 7-year-old son doing this. a teen-ager plunges 45 feet to the ground off the chair lift. yep. how did it happen? >> steve: then you can thank al gore for this one. al-jazeera, the network that celebrated 9-11, coming to more american cities. is this just a trojan horse for terror? michelle malkin weighs in in just a couple of minutes oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, february 21, 2013. i hope you have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing it with us. more breaking news in the case against blade runner oscar
5:02 am
pistorius, the hearing just brought to a halt after a threat outside the courtroom. the very latest moments away. >> steve: you can thank al gore for this one. al-jazeera, the network that celebrated 9-11, coming to more american cities. is this just a trojan horse for terror? michelle malkin has an idea. she joins us promptly. >> brian: and are you sick of spending big bucks at the store? we're going to show you how to skip that and head into the woods to literally hunt for savings. >> steve: were you talking about spending big money at scores? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: i was thinking something else. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts as soon as i settle down the crew. settle down!
5:03 am
♪ . >> steve: anna kooiman live in florida at the classic car auction. down there, good morning to you, anna. >> are there two of you down there? >> good morning to everybody at home. so yes, we are just outside of west palm beach, florida. there is about 80 classic cars that are up for auction. it's benefitting military charities, at least a portion of the proceeds. also thousands of piece of memorabilia. we'll be taking you down memory lane and having fun in just a bit. >> steve: thank you. >> not a need for speed. >> steve: brian, you had a mustang. >> brian: a '69 mustang. it was great. i got to remember the first time i went underneath to change the oil, i changed the antifreeze, by accident. >> gretchen: you could have auctioned it off. >> brian: gretchen, there was another woman there. what is going on? can we go back and find out? anna, do you have a race after
5:04 am
this? who is the other woman? how many times have you heard that? >> yes, i do. she's one of the owners. i was worried that i stalled the car. it quit. so i guess i'm not going anywhere. >> brian: let me take a look. >> steve: the two owners are right there. the woman behind the wheel and the guy holding -- >> wave at the camera. here we go. >> brian: wasn't fonzie a mechanic? >> gretchen: quite probably. [ laughter ] >> steve: it's all about looking good, those cars. all right. thank you, ma'am. >> gretchen: fox news alert. let's do some news. moments ago, adjourning day three of oscar pistorius' jail hearing due to a threat outside the courtroom. but we just heard it's now back in session. earlier this morning, nike announcing it would suspend its contract with oscar pistorius. we also learned this bombshell, the detective leading the murder investigation against pistorius
5:05 am
facing attempted murder charges himself over a attempted police shooting. he and others fired at a bus they were chasing in 2011. the charges were at first dropped then reinstated. the prosecution says they had no idea that their chief detective had that on his record. brand-new surveillance video capturing the moment a massive gas explosion rocks a restaurant in kansas city. the blast likely set off bay construction crew working underground, hitting a natural gas line. one woman, a server at the restaurant, died. 15 others were injured. six people remain in the hospital this morning. outrage, chinese firm is expected to acquire fisker automotive. the struggling electric car maker scored nearly $530 million from the energy department in 2010. a one, two, three system, which makes batteries for fisker was bought by another chinese
5:06 am
company. albert lexi has donated more than $200,000 in tips to a pittsburgh children's hospital. he's been saving the money over the past 30 years. lexi, on the job since 1950s, works for five bucks a shoe. the donated money will go to parents who can't afford to pay medical costs for their sick children. wow. that is great. those are your headlines this morning. let's bring in michelle malkin, joining us from colorado. good morning to you, michelle. >> good morning, gretchen. >> steve: hey, michelle. i'm sure you've been watching the white house made it pretty clear that with this coming looming sequester, life as we know on earth will soon come to an end. what they're not saying, though, is this sequester was the invention of the president of the united states, who, he was for it before now he's against it. apparently when you look at the amount of the budget, it's actually going to impact. it's just, what, 2.4%. and the president could end it all if he wanted to today.
5:07 am
>> the ball is in his court. he isn't just some hostage to these horrible designs of the republican party, no. he's the author of this mess that we're in now, of course. and this really should be an object lesson for every parent out there, have your kids watch this chicken little theater. i mean, we've got this chicken little in chief running around talking about how this is an apocalypse when, in fact, as you pointed out, $85 billion in cuts and, of course, i've been pointing out that cuts should always be in those ghost quotes and he should say it with the most dripping amount of sarcasm possible because when we talk about cuts, defined by washington, it's merely, merely cuts in the rate of growth. and this is not how responsible adults should act. in any case, all of the apocalypse that he keeps talking
5:08 am
about, layoffs and more unemployment and people not getting paid, well, what kind of situation do you think we have now and who is responsible for the layoffs and the cuts in r and d and all of the fiscal disaster that we're already seeing despite sequestration? >> brian: one thing i always thought is where are the other democrats? i don't know if they're for the president, behind the president. you don't hear anything. here is senator baucus and i'm sure the president wasn't happy to hear this. >> the president is part of the sequester. the white house recommended it, frankly back in august, 2011. so now we're feeling the effects of it. i don't want to say the president is solely to blame, he's not. >> steve: the white house recommended it, frankly. he's in trouble. >> yeah. momentary lapse of candor there from senator baucus. i think that brian asked the right question, but it's half of the question because where are
5:09 am
these democrats? they're hiding. they're under their desks hoping nobody else has to make the admission that senator baucus did. but i think that there is a huge missed opportunity for the republicans. where is paul ryan? i mean, he used to be the great educator on all matters fiscal. the real problem here, which is the entitlement crisis and you just don't really -- >> gretchen: that's what we were talking about earlier is that these cuts are paltry compared to what many people in this nation believe needs to happen which is entitlement reform. you bring up a great point about where are some of these republicans? are they still getting lost in the shuffle in this messaging game? because keep in mind, the president won the messaging game before the end of the year with regard to taxes. the republicans had to acquiesce on that. taxes went up. now he's using the same messaging to go up against the republicans with the same simple message to the american people, is he going to win or are the republicans going to step up? >> well, i hope they're
5:10 am
listening. some of them are probably in green rooms somewhere and they do need to get out there. it can't just be in front of these cameras. it's not just cable news where they need to take their message. they need to follow the footsteps of the likes of michelle obama who goes on every entertainment show. they need to force themselves on the rosters of these late night comedy shows and other venues where young people especially need to be educated. >> brian: i think john boehner should go on "red eye" tonight and we'll see are it goes. >> there you go, book him! >> steve: that's alternative thinking. michelle, we've talked about this before, the president of the united states has a very compliant mainstream media. so if his message is getting out there, it's thanks to the people in the press corps who are taking pretty much exactly what he's saying, putting it out there. you hardly ever hear anybody in the mainstream media say, did you realize the president of the united states invented the sequester? he was for it before he was against it? >> yeah. well, spread the word.
5:11 am
there are alternate ways to do this. social media. they need to use youtube and facebook and really get out to nontraditional constituents because these are the people who will bare the most of the burden in decades to come. everyone talks about saving the children and really, what is this sequestration theater all about? it's about screwing the children and they need to say it over and over and over again. >> gretchen: let's talk about the debate commission. they came out, the republican, one of them, on that commission came out yesterday and said that he believed it was a mistake to have selected anchor am candy crowley to moderate one of the 2012 presidential debates. of course, there was some controversy involved in that debate when she interjected -- many people felt on behalf of the president with regard to whether or not benghazi -- whether or not he had called it a terrorist attack or not in the rose garden. probably the most memorable moment. many people think it was a game changer. what do you think about this member of the debate commission now, though, saying that she was
5:12 am
a mistake? should they say that post-game? >> this is frank ferran cough who had a lecture to a conservative group and finally came out with this admission of the obvious. i think the larger problem isn't necessarily who this commission picks every year. as i've said before, and we talked about this on the show, during the campaign, an election season, this is a republican party problem because election cycle after election cycle, these people continue to sign on to a stacked deck. and then they act shocked when the obvious happens. and the fact that these liberal media panelists who pose as objective then run the cover for the likes of barak obama and the democratic party, i mean, it's insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over again. i think the next election cycle, what the republican party really needs to do is find a new venue inform not a bad idea.
5:13 am
>> brian: i would like to see bret baier or brit hume. that would be interesting. >> steve: over maybe on al-jazeera. >> brian: yeah. [ laughter ] they're going to have an expanding presence in america. they bought the current tv for 500 million. we know from al gore. now they're expanding bureaus. they want to get penetration. what are they trying to do in al-jazeera usa? >> i think the american spectator put it very well. this is a half billion dollars trojan horse for terror tv. just along with the rest of the domestic liberal media, al-jazeera is going to pose, put on a mask of objectivity. they're hiring so-called investigative reporters now at all of these bureaus and they're going to have an expansive reach into american homes. and i think it's incumbent upon those us who are very familiar with how al-jazeera abroad has cheerlead for terror that has taken american lives, that they
5:14 am
know who these people side with. >> steve: yeah. it will be interesting to see exactly when you turn it on what it will feel like. will it feel like the al-jazeera you watch in the middle east or will it just be some thing that has a subtle message? >> yeah. i think like i said, they'll have the pretense of objectivity and neutrality, but inevitably, the mask will slip and we can all put on our shocked face when is it does. >> brian: they're also trying to expand their reach in sports. especially with buying u.s. rights to u.s. soccer. it's fascinating to see what's happening right now. michelle malkin, always great to talk to you. we can find you on, right? >> yep. and on a sled today. >> gretchen: good for you. have fun. we'll check back in with you next week. coming up, our government just changed the rules for homeowners. soon you could be paying more for your mortgage and for longer. bob massi next on what you need to know about that. >> brian: a warning to everyone
5:15 am
about thieves are not supposed to be there [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:18 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. 16 minutes after the top of the hour. president obama argued in his state of the union that homeownership is a key to helping grow the economy. >> part of our rebuilding effort must also involve our housing sector. right now overlapping regulations, keep responsible young families from buying their first home. it's holding us back. >> gretchen: what is holding us back? our next guest says it could be new costs and fees from the federal housing administration, the nation's largest provider of low down payment mortgage money. luckily we have real estate expert bob massi to explain it all for us. he joins me live this morning from las vegas. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning, gretchen.
5:19 am
>> gretchen: all right. so let's talk about what this will do, increasing monthly mortgage insurance by 10 basises points. >> this is a real major change i want our viewers to understand. there are several things i want to talk about. first of all, as of june of this year, june 3, any home that's purchased after it, if it's fha insured, now your mortgage insurance, gretchen, will be the life of the loan, which is a major change 'cause it used to be the once you get 22% equity or five years, the north insurance is gone. that's number one. number two, you just mentioned, the bases points on our existing nma will go up as of april of this year. about what they call ten bases points. that's where -- more dots homeowner. the last thing, as it relates to jumbo loans, they're going to increase it, from 3.5% to 5%, down payment on jumbo loans. these are things that our president just said.
5:20 am
it's making it difficult for young people to get into homes. guess what? it's just going to get worse. >> gretchen: but why? why are they doing this? >> couple things. if you read the statistics, fha has had to pay so many bad loans that they insured, they've got to get to the bottom line of the the only way they get to the bottom line is they increase how they do it. revenue. and so one of the ways they do that is by paying more mortgage insurance. but this one about the life of the loan, gretchen, honestly, when you sit down and calculate that, when you go buy a home and it's fha insured, we're talking about for the life of the loan, that's lot of money. >> gretchen: so what will this do to the prospects of people getting back out into the real estate market? because we've been hearing that housing starts are up right now. >> yeah, they are. i mean, there is some good signs. i don't want to be half empty. i really don't. there is some good signs. vegas is doing a little better. florida where we just came back, there is some good things happening. but i think we have to still be
5:21 am
realistic. that is i tell people all the time, for example, with the fha, they actually have some very good programs where you could get some fha conventional loans with no mortgage insurance payment. you have to put more money down. so one of the things i always say to people, find yourself a good mortgage broker or somebody that really understands lending to give you all the options on all the programs that are out there. gretchen, honestly, i'm not convinced yet that the bubble is over. i still feel that we're going to have some more foreclosures, there will be some movement here and there. but hey, if we have good news for homeowners, we want to talk about it. but these changes here are major changes, have significant monthly payment impacts on future homeowners of america that buy homes after june of this year. >> gretchen: bob, thank you very much for breaking that down for folks. much easier to understand now. have a great week. >> thank you. >> gretchen: next on the rundown, you're pay ago fortune
5:22 am
for red snapper. but you're getting cheaper tilapia? a report shows fish fraud off the scales. and it's one of the greatest treasure hunts of all time three miles under the ocean. wait 'til you hear what these guys found that changed their lives [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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5:25 am
>> steve: quick headlines from the control room. plane crash in georgia leaves five people dead, two others were hurt when the small jet overshot the runway at a regional airport near augusta and crashed into the woods. investigators are not sure what caused it to crash. and dramatic scene on the slopes in new mexico. take a look at this teen-ager
5:26 am
dangling from the ski lift. he's 45 feet up and the ski lift is still moving. kid can't hang on. kaboom. he's okay, though. ski patrol says the teen-ager was trying to throw a snowball at his friends and the security bar was not down. mr. kilmeade, up to you. >> brian: steve, it's one of the greatest deep sea treasure hunts of all time. the search is for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of silver, three miles under the surface of the ocean. >> now the moment of truth. they bring in the minerals analyzer. one blast and andrew will know if he's hit the jackpot. [ cheering ] >> brian: mark gordon is the president and coo of odyssey, the team responsible for the largest deep sea recovery ever. three-part series silver rush airs opposite the oscars. correct?
5:27 am
>> correct. something for the male audience. >> brian: you say you own one of the businesses across the street, but this was your passion? >> i grew up watching jacques cousteau. here i am now. >> brian: tell me about this hunt in particular and why you guys were uniquely equipped to find it. >> yeah. we have a tool kit that no one else in the world has, not even the u.s. navy. really sophisticated hardware to find anomalies on the sea floor. this was three miles under water, a mile deeper than the titanic. >> brian: so that moment that we just witnessed, what was that like for you? >> it's amazing. i was aboard when we were doing the reconnaissance dive, some of the footage running. i wasn't there when they picked up the silver. but it's a joy to just see something that's been missing for so long. >> brian: give us the background on the wreck. >> yeah. it was coming from india to the u.k. during world war ii. it was sunk by a u boat and it went to the bottom with between 100 and 200 million-tons of silver bull on.
5:28 am
>> brian: ho did you find out about it? >> that's another part of our secret sauce. we did great historical research. we did a lot of research which enabled us to actual will he go out with our technology and find this wreck in 22 days, even though everyone had looked for it since 1941. >> brian: you're not done sucking stuff up from this? >> no. we're going back late may, early june. we're going to finish the project. we still are our highest probability areas to clear out on the ship wreck. and we're going to sea how much is left to go. but we think it's a substantial amount. >> brian: are you worried right now that somebody is eyeing this and is going to go down and try to grab some of this? >> three miles under water, there aren't too many people in the world that can do this. so we're not too worried about the site. the north atlantic, this is 300 miles off ireland. it's a very unforgiving part of the ocean. and if no one could go back 'til may and june and we'll be there. >> brian: and also i know you're going to be elsewhere. you're not done after this, are you? >> oh, no. the series that's going to air on discovery channel this weekend shows us working on the hms victory, a british warship
5:29 am
lost in 1744. reportedly carrying three tons of gold, which could be 100,000-ounce of gold coins, and also the world war one casualty. >> brian: what was more exciting? finding the silver or finally getting on the couch? [ laughter ] and being on fox. >> this was on my bucket list. i'm on the curvy couch. i watch you every morning and listen on xm radio as i drive to work. so i checked off the bucket list item. >> brian: enough with the british wreck! you made the couch! there you go. we're glad you put this on the bottom of the ocean. >> we'll find it for you if you do. >> brian: i think joe will chuck it. by the way, the three-part series "silver rush" airs back to back starting sunday, february 24 at 8:00 o'clock. who cares about the oscars? thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up, is the question that has eluded men for sentries. why do women talk so much? there is a scientific explanation and it's next. and a warning for everyone with a credit card. nicole petallides wants it and she's live at the new york stock
5:30 am
exchange. what's the warning? >> number one, i don't talk so much. number two, i talk about credit cards because obviously there is a deceptive scam about fees on your credit card that you may not know about. we'll tell but it after the break [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. [ angry gibberish ]
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>> gretchen: fox business alert for you right now. a new weekly jobless numbers released. let's go to nicole petallides who is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange with a look at the numbers. good morning. >> good morning, gretchen. we're getting in these numbers. what we're seeing is a rise in claims for the first time in three weeks, which brings us back to the preholiday season levels. we've had rising gasoline prices. you have americans with now the payroll tax that they are facing. but we're watching those weekly jobless claims. on the first friday of each month, we get the monthly jobless numbers. but obviously we're seeing claims on the rise, which means more americans looking for work. >> steve: that's an interesting -- 363, they were expecting something like 355. so a little worse news. >> right. we got 362 versus 355,000. >> brian: very good. >> steve: now, there is something else, as you walk through the new york stock
5:35 am
exchange -- >> brian: don't let us stop you. if you got to be somewhere. >> gretchen: she's getting her exercise at the same time! >> brian: who is back pedaling for you? >> he's the best back pedaler we got. >> steve: tell us a little bit about this. you're about to give us another good reason why we should always check our card statement, effort you get a paper or you get it on the e-mail. but there is something going on these days that people need to be aware of. >> this is big time. it's a deceptive scam. it used to be on phone bills and now it translated over to credit card companies and the ftc is all over it. what you may see are unknown charges and fees. 9.99. 20. anywhere between 10 and $40 on your bill. so look at it line by line. it's called cramming. and basically it's third party billing. the ftc is working with the government, with law enforcement to try and stop this. but in the meantime, what happens is you have over 20 million people a year and
5:36 am
it's racking up $24 million. one woman was saying how she paid $1,500 in these unknown fees, like other fees, service charges, usage fees, minimum monthly usage fee examines it comes from unknown names that you may not recognize. you should look through each line. >> steve: if you see something that looks unfamiliar, do you call that company or do you call your credit card company? >> brian: i'm calling nicole. >> all right. listen. don't call me. so listen, call everybody. call your credit card company. your credit card company doesn't want this happening. call the ftc. they are trying to nail this down. if it's on your phone bill, you call the fcc. call everybody so they can get to the bottom of this. it's really particularly a lot of people who took a cash advance or did payday loans. they are also heavily targeted. so if you have a big bill, you own a small business, you have a big family, lot of big bills, look at it line by line because these are types of things that they sneak in there without you knowing. >> gretchen: you just burned 500 calories from that walking.
5:37 am
enough maybe to pay for high gas prices. 3.78 the national average. gone up 44 cents in the last three weeks, i believe. where are we heading with this? >> right. it's painful at the pump. when you see gas up one cent at a time, one went, one cent, really adds up when the administration got into office, we were 1.89. so this is where it hits the wallet. you have money in your wallet, go to the gasoline station, you have nothing left. that coupled with the payroll taxes leaves consumers, gretchen, steve and brian, with almost nothing. wal-mart today is out with their numbers and they're saying they have seen a disasterous february sales. people are worried and nervous and just don't have the cash in their pocket. >> steve: and as the president of the united states said yesterday regarding the high cost of gasoline and oil, just use less of it. >> oh,. >> steve: i know. that's the advice from the top. we thank you very much. she's down at the new york stock exchange where things really get started in about 55 minutes from now. >> brian: you'll need a nap before varney and company this
5:38 am
afternoon. >> steve: thank you very much. it is now 24 minutes before the top of the hour and we've got a fox news alert. oscar pistorius bail hearing back in session after shutting down because of a threat outside the courtroom. what next? heather here are w new information. >> pistorius was rushed out of the courtroom and brought back in after a threatening letter appeared today. that just happened quickly and now they're back in session right now. it's the next day of that bail hearing. >> steve: do we know what was in the threatening letter? >> no. that hasn't been reported just yet. we'll see if there is anything meaty in there. it's expected a ruling on his bond could come as soon as today. so potentially he may not be held. we'll have to wait and see on that. this case taking a really remarkable twist overnight. the main detective who has been leading the murder investigation against pistorius is actually facing attempted murder charges. this with a police involved shooing that happened in 2001.
5:39 am
hilton botha, he and several other officers apparently fired at a bus that they were chasing while they were investigating a murder, again this happened in 2001. now, those charges were dropped against the officers, but then they were reinstated. this happened a few weeks ago prior to steenkamp's murder. the prosecution says it had no idea about this. now, earlier today on of course "friends," we talked to contributor, fox news contributor and former homicide detective rod wheeler and he weighed in. listen to this. >> obviously we're just in the bail stage here. but the prosecutor has to know that his main key witness doesn't have any issues that's going to come up. now, the issue that's going to come up here is the issue of credibility. that's what this is going to boil down to. but i'll tell you one other thing, it's better to find out about this detective's past now versus when this case actually goes to trial. that would really be a bombshell >> they want to all focus on pistorius and not on the investigator. that's what it's looking like is
5:40 am
going to start happening, at least today. they're going to try to discredit the lead investigator. he may be taken off the case. national prosecutial council, i think that's what it's called. things are different there. they said they're taking him off the case. the police are saying, no, wait a minute. you can't just take the guy off the case. so we'll see what's happening. >> gretchen: it's unbelievable that the prosecution did not know about this past of the prosecutor. seven attempted murder charges from 2011 and they didn't know about it. but i think the defense has done an amazing job of poke holes thus far. >> they really have. he just testified yesterday and having talked about how he believed that pistorius tried to shoot her as she was in the bathroom and that he knew she was in the bathroom. so major credibility issues going on. >> brian: the one issue the defense has not been able to handle is trajectory of the bullet. that they were high and he's 5' 10, he had his legs on. if they were low, then it goes with his story that he was panicked and he thought someone was breaking in. >> steve: a lot going on today. >> gretchen: thank you very
5:41 am
much. >> steve: we've got headlines. we told you the story yesterday. now we know what apparently caused a freak hospital accident that left a little girl severely burned. fire officials confirming that a lethal mix of hand sanitizer, 60% alcohol content, olive oil, and static electricity left ireland lane with second and third degree burns. the oil and alcohol created a fuel, which was sparked by the static. the little girl who is battling cancer is scheduled for a second skin graft later today which is her 12th birthday. >> gretchen: you may have paid for rare red snapper, but what you're eating is actually cheap tilapia. new report says fish fraud -- it's good, to. but but not if you're paying more ex opinionsive. fish fraud is off the scales. researchers found 87% of the snapper they tested wasn't actually snapper. >> brian: tastes like carp.
5:42 am
>> gretchen: the most frequently faked fish? white tuna. it was really the eel-fish called escargola. >> brian: it's been revealed the reason why women talk so much. researchers at the university of maryland found females are the more talkative sex because of a special, quote, language protein in the brain. women are said to have 30% more of the langtry enthan men. women speak 20,000 words a day. that is 13,000 more than the average man. >> steve: men only speak 7,000 words a day? unless they do a talk show. >> brian: absolutely. >> gretchen: i would be interested in knowing what janis dean thinks with that since she's the other woman with me today. what do you think about that? >> i know i have a quick minute for this weather hit. so it won't be as many words. but after the show, brian, call me. i'll take your call. i know that nicole said don't call me, but i'll take your
5:43 am
call. >> brian: never been rejected like that before. of course i have. >> let's look at the weather map so we can get all of the weather in in a quick minute. your satellite radar imry, we have a huge storm across the central u.s. we could see 18 to 24 inches in areas that haven't seen that kind of snow in a couple of years. zoom on in, see the pink? real pretty to look at, but not nice to drive in. you need to be off the roads if you live in arkansas, missouri, parts of oklahoma. that is ice. it's going to accumulate on the roads and power lines and the trees. fast forward, we'll see where we have winter weather advisories. there is your travel forecast. this is going to be with us for the next 24 to 48 hours. then see that moisture across the southeast? that could be the beginnings of a perhaps nor'easter for new england this weekend. so keeping us busy in the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >> gretchen: thanks a lot. still ahead, are you sick of spending big bucks at the grocery? skip it. we're going to show you thousand literally hunt for savings.
5:44 am
>> steve: yep. and anna's reving up the engine at the car auction. right, anna? >> that's right. and we have these cars going on saturday and a portion of the proceeds are going to military charities. we'll take walk down memory lane in just a bit. i'm going to beat you. come on, let's see what you got! one. two.
5:45 am
three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ both ] 2% back on groceries. [ all ] 3% on gas. no hoops to jump through. i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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5:47 am
>> gretchen: remember back to our vintage time when cars ruled the road with power and beauty and spins and chrome? >> steve: the bigger the fins, the better. they still do in boynton beach, florida. that's where we find on this thursday morning, anna kooiman where they're going to auction off 80 cars this weekend.
5:48 am
>> absolutely. we have plenty of fins for you here, brian and gretchen and steve. what a fantastic morning here in boynton beach, florida. there are about 80 cars hitting the auction block on saturday. thousands of pieces of memorabilia expected to fetch between 4 and $5 million. a portion of the proceeds going to military charities. we're checking out some of the cars, like this one. the the corvair. this looks like my dads. let's look at some of the others. ♪ . >> tell me about the car. >> 425 horsepower, 411 track, made popular by the beach boys. >> let's go to the beach. who doesn't love the beach boys? 409. ♪ speed limit? none. we say nascar. >> this is an indy 500 pace car
5:49 am
from 1993 with a z 28. ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ ♪ . >> look good right there. diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> am i interrupting in this is marilyn monroe's favorite car. this one is an original rose color. ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ ♪ . >> go to woodstock in this bad boy? >> 1967, 13 window, vw. ♪ . >> trying to go 80 miles and get us back to the future. >> 1981 dalorean, michael j. fox drove in "back to the future". ♪ . >> this is the ford thunderbird from 007, "die another day".
5:50 am
♪ going to a different decade now, we're in a roadste, r. what year? >> 1954. >> give me some of the specs. >> last of the mgt, the mgtf, 1954. the last of the square body mg's. >> it's a beauty. this is ron and fran green. they're the owners. fran, one of the reasons you wanted to give a portion of the proceeds to military charities is because of your father. >> indeed it is. my dad was a disabled vet. he was injured and died when we were very young and this has been a real personal journey it have the museum and also to give back to the veterans of foreign wars. >> he was decorated, too. what did he get? >> he was the recipient of the silver star. >> wow. good luck to you guys on saturday. i hope that you get 4 or $5 million or even more just through the roof and a great thing you're doing for the military.
5:51 am
>> thank you. >> back to you, gretchen, brian and steve on the curvy couch. >> steve: very, very nice. they'll have a preview down there tomorrow. anna, thank you very much. well done. >> thanks so much. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised if she drove back in that. >> steve: you think so? >> brian: save the money on the plane ticket. >> steve: eighteen cents a mile, she could make some jack. >> brian: next, think of spending big bucks at the store? we're in the woods to literally hunt for savings. >> gretchen: first let's check if with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. coming up at the top of the hour, the president now commenting on the game with tiger, but it is the press that is chasing their tails on this one. and an american pope? the italian newspapers buzzing about that possibility. we're going to talk about that and the big sequester threat boils down to 2 1/2% of the budget. so why is it so tough to make those cuts? that is the question today. bill and i will see you in a couple of minutes
5:52 am
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5:55 am
>> steve: for abbott outdoorsman, hunting isn't just a lifestyle, it's how he puts food on his family's table. could hunting be a way for you to save on your grocery bill? let's talk to the host of "meat eater" on the sportman channel, steve joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: we're doing this segment because the price of meat is through the roof these days. >> yeah. >> steve: you have never been in a grocery store to buy meat! >> we don't -- i don't buy meat for home consumption. i have a peculiar consumption because since i do a hunting show, i hunt for a living. so in some way i'm getting paid to be out of the there and i bring home all the eat. some of the strategies outlined in the show are held for people
5:56 am
who do want to go out and bring home like great economical stuff to eat from their home areas. >> steve: they may not bring home the bacon, but they'll bring home the very muchson. the average deer weighs 120 pounds, yields 40 pounds of meat, 25 meals or what, something like 160 quarter pounders? >> exactly. once you -- if you get a deer or two in your freezer, it's a great thing. we're all doing activities. we do things in our spare time. when you golf, you're really not bringing anything home. if you make hunting part of your life, then your spare time will yield edible goods. >> steve: when i was growing up, we did a lot of pheasant hunting. you can't yield many meals. >> it's about a one to one deal. >> steve: it is. but if you get a moose, holy cow! 1,000 pounds, it yields over 300 pounds of meat, or 200 meals, at least. that's the jackpot, isn't it? >> yeah. like my older brother lives in alaska. it's a big deal every september, him and his wife will make a point, this about out and get a
5:57 am
moose. he eats that moose year round. that's like what he's going to consume with his two little kids. they consume the thing throughout the year. this is important to him as going to work, to go and get his moose every year. >> steve: absolutely. if you're talking about the elk's club, the average elk, between 5 and 700 pounds, yields 200 pounds of meat or 130 meals. and real quickly, the average wild pig, 200 pounds, yields 40 pounds of meat or about an average of 66 meals. we should point out, you can't just go out and start shooting things. you do need a permit? >> yes. in most states, a basic hunting license will cost you 20 bucks, give or take a little bit. there is some start-up costs, like you have to get a firearm to use. >> steve: sure. >> my own personal case growing up, we always had hand me down stuff. there are some start-up cost. but you get into a mindset of you become in tune to the seasons and what's going on and get in the mindset where it's just part of your life to go out at certain times of the year when it's appropriate and secure meat to eat. it's great time. it's healthy activity.
5:58 am
you're spending time with your family. in addition, you might come home with a windfall. >> steve: exactly right. but then again, there is also regulation. >> yeah. yes. i can't stress enough, look at the regulations for your state. it's complicated. they take it very seriously. you have to be above the board. >> steve: check out "meat eater" on sportsman channel sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. or the >> thank you very much. >> steve: we'll be back in three minutes [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away
5:59 am
if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. who emailed it to emily, .indy, ... the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. it's not what you think.

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